Welcome to the Association of the European Planing Mill Industry

Controlled quality

Grading rules

The basis for quality is the quality guidelines for planed goods of the Association of the European Planing Mill Industry adopted by the “Quality Committee”. These grading rules have not only gained Austrian but also international recognition. The grading rules are always amended and adopted to the market requirements.

Attractive service for our members

We are not only representing our members in public matters, but are also supporting projects of research and development. We further the training and advanced education programs in technical matters for our member’s employees. We answer specialist questions concerning planed timber and try to keep the good relations between the members. It’s a matter of our concern to care about exchange of experiences and to cooperate with other associations. Another very important service for our members is the promotion of their planed products.

Common aims

During the past few years we have become an international platform. This international opening has been an important step that has resulted in the reorganisation of the former national organisation (Association of the Austrian Planing Mills) and foundation of the Association of the European Planing Mill Industry in April 2005.

Market potential

With a production of 1 million cubic meters of planed goods and 3 million running meters of mouldings our member enterprises are covering most of the production in central Europe. During the past few years both production and export volume have been continuously increased.


Service is our success.
Rainer Handl, Managing director



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