Become a member of VEH.

As of January 2014, 18 full and 14 honorary members areactively using the VEH platform.

VEH is the Association of the European PlaningMill Industry.

For more than 30 years VEH has successfullybeen representing the industry’s interests. VEH is the first point of contact with regardto the industry’s sorting guidelines as well as thepositioning of the products of its members in targetmarkets.

Why should you become a VEH member.

  • The VEH is representing and protecting your interests in front of all national andinternational industry associations.
  • The VEH provides an environment thatenables its members to constantly improve the quality of their products. 
  • The VEH is supporting R&D efforts.
  • Professional preparation of expertknowledge and market studies.

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For further informations please contact us and send us an e-mail to info(at)veuhorg.

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