Clear quality grades and sorting guidelines for VEH profiled timber.

It is not always easy for consumers or industry specialists to evaluate the quality grades of planed goods such as profiled timber or mouldings – unless guidelines are drawn up for the classification of each grade. Such is the case with the Association of the European Planing Mill Industry (VEH), which has been working for over 30 years to extend uniform and monitored quality guidelines across EU member states.

Visibly more quality.

The new sorting guidelines which have been drawn up for profiled timber are also intended to create greater transparency and clarification on the part of the customer. They have been brought in line with the requirements of the harmonised standard for planed timber (ÖN EN 14915), which was published by the Austrian standards institute in November 2006.

The present adjustment responds to current customer requirements and market forces. It began with a survey of the profiled timber manufacturers representing the bulk of the Central European market. In the course of this study, the Holzforschung Austria (HFA), an accredited testing and supervision institute, discovered that there was a very high proportion (around 70%) of the mixed grade VEH AB and that this made it difficult to compare the various offers on the market.

Europe’s biggest planing mill association realigns the quality grade system.

Hence the revision of the sorting guidelines for quality grades VEH A and VEH B, and the sub-classification into a good mixed grade VEH TOP (with at least 60% A) and a normal mixed grade VEH AB (with at least 30% A) was not only a necessary but also a logical step.

By introducing the quality label ‘quality controlled planing mill’, the VEH has clearly signalled its determination to achieve greater quality. The new guidelines intend to follow on from this example and create even greater clarity in the field of international standards.

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outdoor areas (2016)
Download Planed profiles for indoor areas (2016)
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